Lab Assistant is designed to meet your unique requirements to the fullest extent and can be revised on an on-going basis to respond to your hospital’s changing needs and services. Lab Assistant is an application which enables the management to design, configure and implement different modules in order to provide solutions in a highly competitive environment where you may have aggressive growth strategies and desire to have competitive advantage. Highly-sophisticated, versatile and fast functioning Lab Assistant can be fully integrated into numerous systems or applications such as Hospital Information System (HIS), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and so forth.

Acıbadem Technology

LAB ASSISTANT Technology Overview

LAB ASSISTANT consists of 3 modules. LAB ASSISTANT is open for any customer-needed customization while securing intellectual property rights. Detailed user permissions let administrators to determine power-users, basic users and so forth.

LAB ASSISTANT Capabilities;

  • Reference Range Capability,
  • Panic Value Definition,
  • Test Calculation,
  • Sample Tracking,
  • Sample Steps,
  • Microbiology,
  • Advanced Reporting,
  • Advanced Statistics,
  • QC Capability
Acıbadem Technology