About Us

Acıbadem Technology is a technological company that started to operate in 2015 with years of experience and expertise as a part of Acibadem Healthcare Group.

Acıbadem Technology offers its services, experiences and products to the market inside and outside of Turkey.

The major products provided by Acıbadem Technology include Cerebral Plus (Hospital Information System), Astore (Medication and Medical Consumables Management System), Lab Assistant (Laboratory Information System), Acıbadem Online (Patient Portal).

Acıbadem Technology also provides IT Project Management, Software and Infrastructure Consultancy and Establishing professional teams.

Acıbadem Technology, as a service and product provider offers its services in 10 different cities in Turkey and other countries with a total of Hospitals, Outpatient Clinics, Affiliated Companies and a University (Acıbadem University).

In 2015, Acıbadem Technology provided its services through Software and Infrastructure in Acıbadem Healthcare Group, for;

  • 3.500 doctors and 4.000 nurses,
  • 2750 beds,
  • 3.8 million outpatients,
  • 300.000 inpatients, 120 operating rooms and 100.000 surgeries,
  • 7.8 million lab. tests.
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